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About Us

Who We Are

Welcome everyone to Sacred Lotus Legging Co.

Thank you guys for dropping by! We wanted to give ya’ll (as Meagan would say) a little back story on who we are & why we are doing this! Meagan and I are close friends that met in recovery, YES RECOVERY! #PleaseDontJudge Meagan & I both have struggled with addiction in the past & now are back into the “mainstream of life” as they say! From hopeless to HOPEFUL, from darkness to LIGHT! As the years have gone by & we’ve continued our spiritual journey we’ve come to realize our strength & purpose. We have blossomed just like the Lotus! We represent HOPE & want to be examples that its never too late to make a turn around & do something great with your life, leave your mark as I like to say. We have many things in common & our LOVE for leggings is one of them! We decided to start Sacred Lotus Legging Co. A place where we can share our love for leggings with other women & also to expand this as a support group, a place to have fun! 

Meaning behind our logo:

The Lotus blooms and flourishes amongst impurities. The mud providing nourishment to the roots of the Lotus is representative of our messy human lives. It is through these human experiences, suffering & struggles, that we must—like the Lotus—break away from and blossom.

We must believe that the power to break free from the uncertainty that can come from within and from around us. In the end, it will be our experiences, inner strength, and spirituality that allow us to continue living in this diverse world, just not as a part of it.